About MMB

MMB is a multi-disciplinary, international Law Firm with a special expertise in the area of European and International Law. Our clients are composed of private clients, national and international companies, and other solicitors who come to us for our advice and knowledge for their international clients.

Collectively, with four associates, more than twenty Solicitors from different European countries work in our offices.  Apart from our own lawyers, MMB has a net of associates carefully selected for their knowledge of the worlds markets, with offices in the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

All the lawyers in our Firm have an excellent understanding of judicial areas, with broad professional experience and a work ethic for efficiency.  In combination with continuous specialist updates for our Lawyers and an exact knowledge of the needs of our clients, we offer a professionally capable team which can meet even the most exacting needs of our clients and whose confidentiality can be relied upon.

Our absolute priority is the complete satisfaction of our clients.  Our maximum obligation is to look at innovative ways to find solutions and, particularly in very complex cases, to ensure the most effective defence of the interests of our clients.  From the moment that you put yourself in our hands, you will have a team who are tailored to meet your needs and who are expert lawyers and experienced fiscal and legal advisors.  This team will work with you until the final solution is reached.  Your personal MMB-Lawyer will keep you constantly updated on all matters relating to your case.

Profound legal knowledge, in combination with a detailed knowledge of all various aspects of your case, assist us in obtaining the best possible results.  The personal commitment of our Layers forms part of our company culture.

The successful completion of a case for our clients is also our success.  Success is obtained by being able to concentrate on what really matters.   For this reason we recommend to all our clients preventative measures they can take to anticipate eventual problems.  This, in combination with continued assistance, enable our private and company clients to concentrate on their aims, being assured that they can leave their case in our hands, confident in the knowledge that their best interests are being looked after.


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